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【Lisa’s way to Happiness】

21/8/2019 - 3/11/2019

“Are you happy?” “Laughters can bring people joy!”

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【The 2nd Art Course Meteoric Exhibition】

19/8/2019 - 1/9/2019

A 4-year-art course is a long journey for self-exploring and art development.
9 Topics | 5 Months | Exhibited in different locations like meteor.
The 1 Round: Drawing Class on Fri
Based on the specific topic, 13 art students observe, understand and transform to their own creation.

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Photographing and Painting – Birds


Photographing and Painting – Birds
Birds “fly” into David’s camera while he is travelling around the world, and they gently landed on Gigi’s drawing paper at the studio. David and Gigi with different art media at different spaces are connected by birds, the same theme of their artworks. This now brings about their collaboration. He enthralls to taking photographs. With the lens, he captures a variety of postures of the birds. Through the lens, she can see further. She immerses herself in painting. She re-presents his works vividly with her clever thoughts.

“Photographing and Painting – Birds” showcases the fruits of this two-year collaboration. Through birds, a space of photographing and painting is created.

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Persistence @ The Alchemist Mail Cafe


The exhibition of Wai-kai and Mei-chun is now in The Alchemist Mail Cafe, hope their spirit of persistence can encourage every Hong Kong people! We can stay strong!

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Chi-ni’s Diary

2019.6.4 - 2019.8.11

The exhibition is filled with Chi-ni’s daily. You are welcomed to read and understand her mind with her guidance. 4/6-11/8 at i-dArt Space@Kennedy Town.

See you there!

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【The All-round Artist — Exhibition: Beyond Weaving】

From today - 30th June

The “Beyond Weaving” exhibition will be exploring the various dimensions of weaver MAN Yuen-chun as an artist. With the installation of Saori weaving machines, visitors will be able to experience saori weaving while getting to know the artistic elements of Yuen-chun.

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“Flying Cards, Flying Arts” Postcard Project: International Collaboration of Art Lovers with Different Abilities.

Art lovers with different abilities + Arts + Postcards = ?
The “Flying Cards, Flying Arts” Postcard Project Exhibition has arrived at the i-dArt Space. Over 30 disability art organizations from 9 different cities/ counties had joined the project. Each participant has her/his unique artistic style. The unpredictable collaboration on the samepostcard may result in surprise or disappointment. Welcome your visit and enjoy the collaborative artworks of art lovers from all around the world!

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“Ink Art: ​A Different Perspective”

2019.4.12 - 2019.6.15

The exhibition is co-organised by i-dArt, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and Sun Museum. By showcasing 30 pieces of paintings and calligraphy from 10 art creators, we hope that our audience will enjoy a different world of ink art.

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“Not Just Bus, the Art Exhibition”


To understand about creators with different abilities, diagnosis is not the only means. Instead, art can be a medium to show the aspect of the person aside from a medical perspective.

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Painting: An Inexplicable Desire

11.12.2018 - 27.01.2019

In the exhibition “Painting: An Inexplicable Desire”, art student CHAN Wai-sum and YUENG Ka-ting are invited for live-painting at the gallery by LAI Chun-ling Dick, the art instructor of i-dArt 2nd Art Course.

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