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Clay the New Day


i-dArt Presents–Clay New Day
Being the nomads, they sing, they live and they wander; they create, they appreciate andtheyenjoy their lives. Like nomads, like our creators: they wandered from a corner of a sister unit to the new ceramic space with sweetness and sadness, and the journey is beautiful, impressive and full of fun.

Time orders stars change their positions andmatters change their faces, but it causes no change on their power of creativity. The experiences of changes possibly enrich their feelings towards life and which become their ever present springs of inspiration.

Their hands are skillful and their minds are tranquil. Clay were gathered in their hands and the colors and the textures were changing gradually: telling us each of their characteristics. When you watch more, you are more charmed by their beauty of simplicity. Today, their combined effort and every bit of improvements have helped to fabricate a new world of ceramics.

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“Portrait in a Mirror”

During the Renaissance in Italy, self-portrait is called “Portrait in a Mirror”. This exhibition has 30 exhibits, altogether 30 mirrors, in which the artists are presenting their own selves through pigments and lines.

The Alchemist Mail Café
Shop G6, G/F, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, 1 Man Lam Road, Sha Tin

Mon|10:00 – 22:00
Wed – Sun|10:00 – 22:00

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“Death – an exhibition about life beyond”

“If one day I die, who will come to give me a bow at the funeral? Who will cry for me?”
———- Artist LEONG Iat-hong asked.

Iat-hong, being curious and always asks questions on big and small daily living matters as well as on artwork creations, surely will have many doubts on death when he is in aging process. For instance, “Will people have eyes, ears, mouths or noses after death?” or “How do you know the style of my coffin? Anyway, I cannot say anything when I am dead.” or “Will l become a Chinese zombie after death? If so, I will feel exhaused because of the non-stop hopping.”, and so on.

In the paintings of Iat-hong, all are lines. The world he is longing for in stroke after stroke, we found it as if chanting enchantments one after one and saying prayers piece after piece. All these lines help to release Iat-hong’s worries. We hope that his creations will bring blessings to those who come here, and those who have gone.

Exhibition Venue | International Funeral Parlour

Address | 1/F, 8 Cheong Hang Road, Hung Hom, Kowloon (next to Coffin Display Room)

Enquiry | 2870 9223 /

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“Walkway on the edge of Victoria City”

10 / 8 / 2016 – 6 / 11 / 2016

Footpaths along the brink of Victoria City – Art and the Road of Accessibility

Artist Lok Yeung-ming, having the heart of a poet, in the form of Nanny Wooden Horse, guides us to wander around Kennedy Town, Western District — to explore the streets and the roads there and the barriers of body and soul, which are hidden in the poetry and the paintings. Artist Wong Kin-hang starting from the exhibition, on the platform of workshops and guided tours, invites people with different abilities to come together to look for the Road of Accessibility.

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Practising Calligraphy from a Combo of Phrases

Chinese calligraphy is a visual art about form, which principles are shared by painting. So there is a saying that “Calligraphy and Painting are of the same origin.” “Practising Calligraphy from a Combo of Phrases” is more than presenting the writing techniques of these eighteen artists with different abilities. They caused the dancing movements of [...]

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Fantasy Land

21/6/2016 - 3/7/2016

Fantasy Land of Our Gallery Artists~take a snapshot

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Nanny Oi-yee – Exhibition for a Beginner

She is passionate. “If I cannot go to a class, I can do my painting on my bed. Painting needs simple things.” She is thrifty. “Will it be less expensive if laminating is used instead of frames?” She loves being in a crowd. “Learning in a class makes me feel contented. To tell stories is [...]

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“Lisa Exhibition”

23.12.2015 – 07.02.2016

Dialog with Artist, LEUNG Hing-ling, LISA Interviewer = [I]        Artist = [A] [I] How are you Lisa? [A] Very fine. [I] Tell us more about the exhibition? [A] There are lots of paintings and ceramic works in my exhibition, I wish more people can come and visit. Art creation is enjoyable, and [...]

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“MAK Wai-hung Painting Exhibition”

15.09.2015 – 31.10.2015

“MAK Wai-hung Exhibition” “Exhibition wants for paintings” “I want need an exhibition” “Mak Wai-hung needs an exhibition” “Good from head to feet, what exhibition” From the Artist The artist did his experimental impromptu painting in 6 days. He is in full control of the ideas of his works, the curatorial direction and the 400-sqare feet [...]

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Hong Kong Picture – CHENG Ka-yan Paper-Cutting Collage Exhibition

27.06.2015 - 16.08.2015

Hong Kong Picture – CHENG Ka-yan Paper-Cutting Collage Exhibition Ka-yan’s way of working appears not having any deliberate planning. Each collage is made up with vocabularies of local colors and is created skillfully without a draft at the beginning. Every time, she just sits down, picks up her pen, scissors and glue, then a work [...]

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