Painting: An Inexplicable Desire

11.12.2018 - 27.01.2019

In the exhibition “Painting: An Inexplicable Desire”, art student CHAN Wai-sum and YUENG Ka-ting are invited for live-painting at the gallery by LAI Chun-ling Dick, the art instructor of i-dArt 2nd Art Course.

Chan and Yueng share many common characteristics in painting. They both can draw simple lines for a long period of time over and over again. Chan picks up color pens on his initiatives once he enters the classroom. Placing drawing materials in front of Yeung, she then starts drawing with circle. Everything begin with a natural state of mind while they let intuition guide the creative process, as if an unintended way of drawing.

Over the past three years, Dick has been thinking about the kind of inexplicable desire behind their way of drawing. Perhaps all we need is the essence of purity in creation before we deepen the reflection of painting.

During the exhibition, CHAN Wai-sum, LAI Chun-ling Dick, YUENG Ka-ting will purely paint at the gallery.

Exhibition Period: 2018.12.11-2019.01.27


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