The 2nd Art Course(4 Years) Annual Show

21/4/2018 – 27/5/2018

The 2nd Art Course(4 Years) Annual Show

The third year of the Second Art Course (4-year program) commences and continues the aim of the
Course to offer an equal opportunity for people with different abilities to show their uniqueness and
capabilities through art education.
This is the first exhibition about the learning process of our students. Art learning is joyful. Perhaps
their artworks cannot be claimed “beautiful”. But their artworks are created after they absorbed and
digested in their own way the knowledge they learned. This causes more possibilities for art
education. We hope our audiences, while they are appreciating the artworks, they will be able to
understand the process of our students how they got to know themselves and regained their
experience of life in these three years; so as to open up our audiences’ imagination about people with
different abilities.

CHAN Cheong-yip, CHAN Hip-yan, CHAN Wai-sum
HO Ka-Lun, LEE Pui-lung, LEUNG Ka-Fai
LEUNG Kam-chung, LO Siu-kuen, MA Yuk-fai
MUI Wing-shing, WONG Sau-lan, WONG Yuk-kuen
YEUNG Ka-ting

Exhibition period
Part 1: 9/3/2018 – 19/4/2018
Part 2: 21/4/2018 – 27/5/2018

Shop 1, G/F Block 2,Centenary Mansion,1 Victoria Road, H.K.

Ms. Wong 3482 6163 /

Shop 1, G/F Block 2,
Centenary Mansion,
1 Victoria Road, Hong Kong
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(+852) 3482 6163
11:30am - 7:00pm
1:00pm - 7:00pm
(Closed on Mon and Public Holiday)
Back Shop, G/F,
Wing Cheung Mansion,
78 Morrison Hill Road, Wan Chai,
Hong Kong
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(+852) 3598 2920
12:00pm - 7:30pm
(Closed on Mon and Public Holiday)

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