We are street people

08.11.2014 - 05.01.2015

Street people are transformed in different forms. We cordially invite you all to the exhibition. We are always the street people!

Exhibition period | 8 / 11 / 2014 – 5 / 1 / 2015
Opening | 8 / 11,3 : 30 – 5 : 30pm
*There will be a performance during the opening.

i-dArt presents “We are street people – an interactive project”. We have invited Dr. Tang Ying-chi, Stella to share and exchange her art project with students from Art Courses (3-year), i-dArt Institute, and to further extend it to the community in the coming exhibition.

On the hustle and bustle streets, everyone walks in various paces, towards different destinations, back and forth, passing each other unnoticeably;as if all of them just people on the streets. In this art project of Dr. Tang Ying-Chi, Stella, each of these people is a stranger and an acquaintance. Cast aside the background, more spaces are left for imagination on the canvas. This could be a pupil hurrying home after school. That might be a father of seven mouths. Or could be you or I: someone on the street waiting for a friend. This is just what i-dArt believes in: art can break down the barrier between people. Through artworks, we are more willing to set aside our prejudices, to read other’s story and to accept our differences.

By means of this art project, students from Art Courses (3-year), i-dArt Institute re- learn the outlooks of people, the relationships between people and the environment and the links amongst the people. Walking out of the classroom, the students studied the various contours of the familiar and unfamiliar people they captured. Then they read together the people in “The Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival” or those in other famous paintings. After interacting with the artworks of Stella, these students attempted to use projection method to paint. Under the traction of the artist, they had a more in-depth discussion about the people on the streets.

I hope that by watching “We are street people – an interactive project”, you will make a reflection on your role in the urban space. At the same time, you will also appreciate each of the people who has a story of his own. On the streets, notwithstanding we are a stranger to each other, we have subtle ties with each other for the differences we have.

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