CHEUNG Ka-cheung

“I enjoy drawing, and I appreciate my own creation. I also love to share my art with my family and friends.”

CHEUNG Ka-cheung was a table tennis player when he was young and represented Hong Kong at the 1988 Seoul Summer Paralympic Game. He turned to drawing, which is not as physically demanding as playing sports, due to functional deterioration in his lower limbs.

Ka-cheung may not be an eloquent speaker; nevertheless, he is gifted for telling interesting stories in his art. Sitting in an electric wheelchair and cannot go far, his inspirations are not limited only to his observations in the rehabilitation complex. He loves to trace birds and look at the outside would through their eyes, Ka-cheung then turns his thoughts and imaginations into drawing with a pencil.

It is almost an impossible challenge for Ka-cheung, who suffers from cerebral palsy to draw the details of bird feathers. Every time as he painstakingly endeavors to control the muscle of his hand to lay down every stroke until he completes the piece after months, he feels an enormous sense of satisfaction.

At the present time, Ka-cheung is seriously learning drawing and calligraphy. He wishes to improve his skill so that one day he may become an art teacher working with children, thereby sharing the joy of making art with other people.


Graduated at i-dArt Art Course (3-Year)


Artwork selected in Big-I Art Project 2016


Artwork selected in Big-I Art Project 2015


Asia Contemporary Art Show 2015


Trans Pacific Ties Bridging Hong Kong and Los Angeles Through Art


Asia Contemporary Art Show 2014


Beijing Art Tour


Artworks were sold in Charity Auction for “I’mperfect” Art Development Programme for Artists with Disabilities


Participated in the calligraphy exhibition “Hands of Purpose: My Choice”, at i-dArt


Joint the Energetic Eagle Drum Team


Participated in the art exhibition featuring face masks “Happy Face Masks Making” and “Painting Exhibition of People with Disabilities” organized by TWGHs JCRC at Artist Commune
Participated in a joint painting exhibition, Passion, at i-dArt


Joined the Inclusive Art Hub of TWGHs JCRC. His art piece was awarded merit at the drawing competition Rising Stars 2008 – “My Mona Lisa”

CHEUNG Ka-cheung's works

Big Flower Pot

Ink on paper,47cmX47cm

Flow Continuously


Lovely Rose

Watercolour on paper,38cmX28cm

Big Small Flowers in a Pot

Watercolour on paper,28cmX38cm

Cats eat Goldfish

Ink on paper,47cmX47cm