CHIU Mo-yim

“Paintings are very beautiful, Happy to paint. The colors of the fishes are so lovely and joyful to look at, love to paint.”

Mo-yim is cheerful and optimistic. Suffered from critical illness for several times, but she has been facing it with sincere smiles. Fish has been CHIU Mo-yim’s favourite subject matter ever since her first piece of artwork. She finds that fishes enjoy enormous freedom and happiness as they glide in the world of water. Her fishes put on a smiley face and express a wonderful sence of ease and delight. Mo-yim’s optimistic view of life and positive values are also reflected in her vivacious fishes and her use of a light and lucid tonality, as well as a colorful palette. She has been changed from a passive painter to an active one as shown by the general appearance of her paintings at the beginning and now. Lately, she has learned to design the appearance of her paintings, to try different skills as well as subjects and she broadens her creative horizon, by trying to express herself through ink painting. More, she is also learn ceramics, a way to allow her creations moving from two to three-dimensional art.
But there was no more spotlight as in the part, as illness came faster than the fruits of her creation. There is no room in her mind for flowers, birds, insects and fish. Mo-yim likes to paint the subjects for her family and religion. Mo-yim cherishes much more her loved ones and the life journey she has travelled. The subjects of her painting of her art making are repeatedly herself, her son and the family gatherings with the family of her elder sister who come back from overseas for reunion…


Documentary of Mr. WONG Siu Bong《Snuggle》—one of the main characters


Graduated at i-dArt Art Course (3-Year)


Trans Pacific Ties Bridging Hong Kong and Los Angeles Through Art


Asian Contemporary Art Show 2015


Artwork is selected for Miss CHAN Hui-lui ‘s book cover design


Beijing Art Tour


Artworks were given to Mr. MA Ying-jeou


Artworks were sold in Charity Auction for “I’mperfect” Art Development Programme for Artists with Disabilities


Participated in a joint painting exhibition, Passion, at i-dArt


Participated in the art exhibition featuring face masks “Happy Face Masks Making” and “Painting Exhibition of People with Disabilities” organized by TWGHs JCRC at Artist Commune


Joined the Inclusive Art Hub of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex

CHIU Mo-yim's works

A Group of Happy Fishes

Ceramics,Front left top(4.5X5)bottom(3X2.5)height(6);Front right top(6.5X3.5)bottom(2X1.5)height(3.5);Rear left top(5X4)bottom(3X2.5)height(2);Rear right top(5.5X4.5)bottom(5X4.5)height(2.5)


Ink on paper,35cmX35cm

North Point Baptist Church

Acrylic on canvas,50cmX50cm

A Mouse is Finding Food

Water colour on paper,30cmX34cm

Pen Case and Cup

Acrylic on paper,42cmX30cm

Happy Birds

Acrylic on canvas,38cmX28cm

New Territories Train

Acrylic on canvas,70cmX35cm

Rock Climbing

Ink on paper,35cmX35cm