LEE Oi-yee

“I do not know much about art. But I love painting, saori weaving, calligraphy and handicrafts.”

Lee Oi-yee (Oi-yee) is very serious when she does her creations. Even when she had not yet been able to grasp the tricks of the trade, she already developed a great interest in them. Driven by her proactive attitude, she sought advice from her friends and practised every day. To strive for perfection, Oi-yee keeps on practising day after day. In the beginning, she had not much self-confidence. All efforts paid off, her works have got significant improvement.

Because of her humble and optimistic personality, you will not feel the paintings are harsh to your eyes even with red, yellow, blue and green all these bright colors arranged side by side. Rather, they are showing to you gently the world in the eyes of Oi-yee.


Artwork selected for the design of mother’s day card by Hong Kong Airlines


Graduated at ‘i-dArt Art Course (3-Year)’


Art work selected in Big-i Art Project 2016


“Nanny Oi-yee: Exhibition for a Beginner” Solo Exhibition At i-dArt Space


Asia Contemporary Art Show 2014

LEE Oi-yee's works

Cat of My Daughter, Dou Dou

Ink on paper,35cmX34cm

Villages in Memories (Yuen Long and Lau Fau Shan)

Water colour on paper,70cmX34cm

Golden Flowers

Water colour on paper,35cmX35cm

Atop the Stock Pavillion (by WANG Zhi-huan)

Calligraphy, 51cmX51cm

Lotus and Crane

Ink on paper,,35cmX35cm


Colour pencil on paper,35cmX25cm

Plentiful Harvest

Ink on paper,51cmx51cm

Chasing after

Ink on paper,47cmX47cm

Deer Stockade (

Calligraphy, 51cmX51cm

A Corner in Vietnam

Ink on paper,51cmX102cm

Appreciating Music from Seven-string Qin (by LIU Chang-qing)