LEUNG Hing-ling

“When I did painting, my heart was filled with love.”

Hing-ling, Lisa, loves to express her feelings and thinking with simple patterns and bright colors. She likes drawing hearts and fills them into the left-over space of a painting. When she is in high spirits, her favorite colors are those as bright and rich as a rainbow. When she is in a fluctuating mood, she picks up color pencils and wipes hard against the paper – just like wiping off her furious disregarding what colors they are. In front of a piece of blank paper, Lisa effortlessly covers it with numerous patterns with her color pencils to let herself feel free and easy… Her paintings have always been conveying merriness and positive feelings, reflecting her happy character and simple and direct thinking style.

Furthermore, Lisa is fond of making ceramics. Most of her works are formed by coiling. Nevertheless, not only she is getting continuous improvement on the basic skills, but also themes and concepts of her works are more and more out of her own ideas. All these reveals her style. Now she is making works with bigger size and is giving them more concepts, allowing much room for more imaginations.

Lisa enjoys life very much. She has lots of things to tell you on subjects she is interested in, such as dancing, ceramics and drumming. On her works of creation, there is always a touch of a young lady’s love and affection which enriches her works with emotions and romantic savours.


“Nomadism” ceramics group exhibition from Free Dimension at The Alchemist Mail Café, Hong Kong Heritage Museum


“CLAY New Day” ceramics group exhibition from Free Dimension at i-dArt Space


Graduated at i-dArt Art Course (3-Year)


Artwork selected in Big-I Art Project 2016


“Lisa Exhibition” Solo Exhibition at i-dArt Space


Artwork selected in Big-I Art Project 2015


Asia Contemporary Art Show 2015


Asia Contemporary Art Show 2014


Trans Pacific Ties Bridging Hong Kong and Los Angeles Through Art


Joint the ceramic group – Free Dimension


Beijing Art Tour


Artworks were sold in Charity Auction for “I’mperfect” Art Development Programme for Artists with Disabilities


Participated in the art exhibition featuring face masks “Happy Face Masks Making” and “Painting Exhibition of People with Disabilities” organized by TWGHs JCRC at Artist Commune
Participated in a joint painting exhibition, Passion, at i-dArt


Joined the Inclusive Art Hub of TWGHs Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex

LEUNG Hing-ling's works

To Fly Anywhere

Ink on paper,49cmx50cm


Ink on paper,49cmX50cm

Singing of the Sea

Ink on paper,34cmX35cm

Hunting Peacock

Ink on paper,

Forest in Nature

Watercolour on paper,19cmX28cm