Puppet creations

Break up the barrier of soul by opening a dialogue between oneself and the puppet. In the process of puppet making, one is trying to understand and consider what physical disabilities are. Participants used left over fabric and recycled clothing to create puppets with particular features out of their feelings. Unlike puppets normally found, some of them are in wheelchairs and some lose their limbs.
Participants said that the creative process made them know themselves better, accept and love themselves more. Just like the puppets created, even though they have shortcomings, they can still be beautiful and worthy to be appreciated. A child thought of her relative who was inflexible in moving around when she was making her puppet. She made a beautiful walking stick for her puppet in a way to encourage her relative to go out more.

The agenda for the exhibition is not exclusively proposed by the artists. Puppets created by the community members form part of the exhibits, so that the voice of the creators for a “barrier-free” community can be heard and the mutual understanding between creators and audience can be facilitated.

Download Instructions for Puppet Making (Chinese)
Download Instructions for Puppet Making (English)

Revealing Restrictions
Obstacles on the road can be bypassed, but the restrictions of our body and soul are with us day and night. Here, we try to transform those inexplicable feelings when we faces restrictions into these small hand-made puppets which can be seen, touched and felt. Let’s enter into a dialogue with restrictions.