Touch Art

Artist Wong Kin-hang created nine touchable artworks in different materials and textures, in the light of nine paragraphs of the poem “Victoria City”. The artworks are displayed with dictated recordings and Braille text. Through this barrier-free way, it is hoped that visually impaired people are given equal opportunity to visit the exhibition and enjoy the art.

1. The Time of Victoria
The embroidered cotton cloth represents the past precious era enveloping the new built Victoria City.

2. The Paradise
The Giraffe lives in a utopia. It is surrounded by warmth and softness just like wearing a piece of fluffy clothing. But it chooses to chase the beauty in its mind, leaving a light shadow.

3. Sky at Night
Sparks of the stars are scattered on the lawn of the park. Every spark carries the forgotten memory.

4. The Old Man and the City
People are squeezed by the city into pieces and scatter around.

5. The Old Nanny
The old nanny and the bed are twins, like a pair of kins.

6. Dream of Nanny
Fabrics of lace and wool represent dreams and pretty things. Nanny regains her desire to pursue her dreams.

7. Wandering the City
Nanny wanders around the city lying herself on the Wooden Horse.

8. Rebuilding the Forest City
People take the initiative to plant many trees. They envelop the whole city and get bigger and bigger, even broader than the city area.

9. Lying Down, Watching the Stars
Nanny falls asleep in the Park. In her dream, she remembers Mother ate half of the moon.

Nine touchable artworks and dictated recordings