Walkway on the edge of Victoria City

Sponsored by Labour and Welfare Bureau, i-dArt, TWGHs invited artists Lok Yeung-ming and Wong Kin-hang to hold an exhibition on accessibility from 10th August to 21st November 2016. The title of the exhibition is “Walkway on the edge of Victoria City”. The exhibition was held at i-dArt Gallery and Green Wave Art respectively. During the exhibition period, various workshops were held. These art workshops asked the artists and the community members to explore the roads and facilities in Kennedy town in order to experience the environment with barriers of their bodies and souls. They then made use of arts, as a channel to seek together the Road of Accessibility through poetry, paintings and puppet making.

About the artists:
Walkway on the edge of Victoria City — Art and the Road of Accessibility

Artist Lok Yeung-ming, having the heart of a poet, in the form of Nanny Wooden Horse, guides us to wander around Kennedy Town, Western District — to explore the streets and the roads there and the barriers of body and soul, which are hidden in the poetry and the paintings. Artist Wong Kin-hang starting from the exhibition, and on the platform of tactile paintings, puppet making and the co-construction of the Map of Accessibility invites people with different abilities to come together to look for the Road of Accessibility.

Lok Yeung-ming – “Not having received any formal training on writing or painting, and just a chance there letting me write a poem and create a picture book, but it already changes my life, my insights and my creativity. Some time I do feel poetic sentiments in my daily life and let my life retain a taste of mild sweetness.”

Wong Kin-hang studied arts at school and teaches painting to make a living. He loves to reach out to people with different abilities through arts, and enjoys all the surprising pleasures during the process.