Hong Kong is a vibrant city. It has been a noted success story in economic and social development especially on urban planning and social infrastructure.

But speaking for the daily challenges that wheelchair users face, we realize how just a little bit of caring thought can make the community more accessible by them. Obstacles seem to be everywhere. Drinking fountains in the park are always not easy for people with limited mobility to access. The curb along the pavement can hinder them from moving forward. Their needs as well as those of people with different disabilities seem having been neglected or forgotten during the community development. They are pushed to the brink of the city.

i-dArt aims at developing community art projects and workshops, with a view to arouse public attention on a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities. Therefore, encourage people to make a reflection on and take part in the sustainable development of the roads for community and to break up the “barriers” among people.