Exhibition︰Wah Gor’s Abstract World

Cheong-yip fixes his hair with water every morning. His has the nickname “Wah Gor” because of his all-back hairstyle, which give a sense of the movie star Andy Lau. Behind his mature image, Cheong-yip is good at presenting his own abstract artistic world with dots, lines, planes, and colors.


This exhibition displays Cheong-yip’s creation in different stages: attempting different medium, discovering the preference for drawing paper and marker, and creating collages with his previous artworks. The scattered lines and color fragments are turned into new possibilities under Cheong-yip’s transformation.


Every moment of unadulterated and intuitive creation is a unique existence and variation.


Come and listen to Cheong-yip’s story through his paintings with your imagination.


【Wah Gor’s Abstract World】Exhibition

The Alchemist Cafe

Shop G6, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, 1 Man Lam Road, Sha Tin

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