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“Not Just Bus, the Art Exhibition”


To understand about creators with different abilities, diagnosis is not the only means. Instead, art can be a medium to show the aspect of the person aside from a medical perspective.

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Painting: An Inexplicable Desire

11.12.2018 - 27.01.2019

In the exhibition “Painting: An Inexplicable Desire”, art student CHAN Wai-sum and YUENG Ka-ting are invited for live-painting at the gallery by LAI Chun-ling Dick, the art instructor of i-dArt 2nd Art Course.

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10.09.2018- 02.12.2018

Leung Mei-chun is calm and concentrated while Keung Wai-kai is passionate and active.

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05.06.2018- 02.09.2018

Ka-cheung has been devoted to portrait painting for some years, in order to create a record for
the people he loves.

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Cheuk-Kwok Exhibition

Cheuk Kwok is always devoted to his favourite themes in his creation. Pl go enjoy lunch/tea while visiting the exhibition. Also, see if Cheuk Kwok and his parents are there!

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Ka-cheung portrait paintings

Ka-cheung and his friends have arrived The Alchemist Mail Café already!

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The 2nd Art Course(4 Years) Annual Show

21/4/2018 – 27/5/2018

The 2nd Art Course(4 Years) Annual Show

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LEONG Iat-hong’s Artworks Non-stop Stacking and Chattering

19.12.2017- 25.2.2018

LEONG Iat-hong’s Artworks Non-stop Stacking and Chattering Approaching 70 years in his age, Iat-hong’s creativity goes stronger and stronger. Being young in heart, he is full of curiosity. Despite his shyness, he likes to talk with other people. Painting and chatting both are his favorites. And these two have a subtle relationship between themselves. Thus, in this exhibition, in addition to displaying the recent artworks of Iat-hong, there will also be a number of specially arranged sessions for Iat-hong to meet with the visitors on site, so both can do creation together as well as shuttle together between dialogues and world of images.

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[i-dArt x Our Gallery]- Limitless: i-dArt Exhibition

22/10/2017 - 30/11/2017

Exh period: 22/10 – 30/11/2017

Opening Hours :
Tue- Sat :12:30-19:00
Sun : 13:00-17:00
*last admission: 30 minutes before closing

Venue: Our gallery, UG10, C C Wu Building, 302-8 Hennessey Road, Wan Chai.

Artists: CHEUNG Ka-cheung, LEUNG Mei-chun, LEUNG Iat-hong, LAM Siu-leung, YUNG Cheuk-kwok
Curator: Our Gallery

*Exh is closed on every Mon

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“What makes our lives different and more interesting?”

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