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LEONG Iat-hong’s Artworks Non-stop Stacking and Chattering

19.12.2017- 25.2.2018

LEONG Iat-hong’s Artworks Non-stop Stacking and Chattering Approaching 70 years in his age, Iat-hong’s creativity goes stronger and stronger. Being young in heart, he is full of curiosity. Despite his shyness, he likes to talk with other people. Painting and chatting both are his favorites. And these two have a subtle relationship between themselves. Thus, in this exhibition, in addition to displaying the recent artworks of Iat-hong, there will also be a number of specially arranged sessions for Iat-hong to meet with the visitors on site, so both can do creation together as well as shuttle together between dialogues and world of images.

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[i-dArt x Our Gallery]- Limitless: i-dArt Exhibition

22/10/2017 - 30/11/2017

Exh period: 22/10 – 30/11/2017

Opening Hours :
Tue- Sat :12:30-19:00
Sun : 13:00-17:00
*last admission: 30 minutes before closing

Venue: Our gallery, UG10, C C Wu Building, 302-8 Hennessey Road, Wan Chai.

Artists: CHEUNG Ka-cheung, LEUNG Mei-chun, LEUNG Iat-hong, LAM Siu-leung, YUNG Cheuk-kwok
Curator: Our Gallery

*Exh is closed on every Mon

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“What makes our lives different and more interesting?”

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Yung Cheuk Kwok Showroom

Cheuk-kwok has focused on one theme each year for his painting. With the same theme, the content seems very similar. However, the complexity, amounts of details, ratios in the objects and space have shown subtle changes with the flow of time. His works have become more organized and sophisticated at the later stage of his art learning. Recently, he focuses on painting of his parents. Themes of his previous paintings were those he learned from the class. But now he chooses his own theme. What motivates him to paint his father again and again in various representations this year? What kind of affection he is revealing through the color pencils?

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i-dArt-in-Residence cum Exhibition

10/8 - 23/8

In collaboration with Lanson Place Hotel, Hong Kong, i-dArt TWGHs cordially invites you to visit the i-dArt-in-Residence cum Exhibition during 10 to 23 August, where we will display a series of wonderful paintings and ceramics created by 10 local artists with varying abilities. Join us at the Experiential Japanese SAORI Workshop on 19 August for [...]

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21/6/2017 - 16/10/2017

We learnt and grew at each stop, cultivating our own styles.
Having the chance to wander around is a bliss!

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“Games – Animals”

“What makes our lives different and more interesting?”

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i-dArt, Art Course (3-Year) 1st Graduation Show

29/12/2016 (四 Thurs) – 15/1/2017 (日Sun)


This is a three-year art education program specifically for persons with different
abilities. It is a bold and innovative experiment as its concept, design,
implementation and evaluation are unprecedented.

Interested to know how did we learn elements of visual art?

How did we, step by step, establish our individual art language in these three years?

How did we spend our 3-hour lesson?

You are still curious about us and got more questions?

Come and have a look yourself!

All classmates, art instructors, staff members, family and researchers learned together, grew together and graduated together

In collaboration with Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University, apart from art in practice, art theory is also taught in this program. Our professional instructors and other team members followed the progress of our students in every class and in every term, in order to learn from them how we should develop the teaching foe next lesson according to their needs.
This systematic art learning program covers a total of 700 hours plus. We started to know each other from points, lines and planes. We dozed in the class, played with colors, felt dazing when holding a brush and pretended as a famous painting in the game “Comparison of Master Pieces”. Then we found the subjects and media we love and our own individual art language to express ourselves. We got used to meet each other on each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We placed ourselves in a comfy place and laid down our painting utensils for creation. We needed no verbal communication for our tacit understanding. We respect and tolerate each other. This Graduation Show withnesses our ways of getting along with others, as well as our growth. We need to learn more. However, this is a very precious experience for being together for 3 years.

We respectfully waiting for your visit and look forward to our sharing with you on our experience.

For any enquiries about the exhibition and opening, please call Ms.Yu at 28709336 or 34826163.

Opening : 3:00PM – 5:00PM, 30/12/2016 (Fri)
Period: 29/12/2016 (Thurs) – 15/1/2017 (Sun)
Venue: Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity (135 Junction Rd, Kowloon City, Lok Fu MTR exit B)

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Clay the New Day


i-dArt Presents–Clay New Day
Being the nomads, they sing, they live and they wander; they create, they appreciate andtheyenjoy their lives. Like nomads, like our creators: they wandered from a corner of a sister unit to the new ceramic space with sweetness and sadness, and the journey is beautiful, impressive and full of fun.

Time orders stars change their positions andmatters change their faces, but it causes no change on their power of creativity. The experiences of changes possibly enrich their feelings towards life and which become their ever present springs of inspiration.

Their hands are skillful and their minds are tranquil. Clay were gathered in their hands and the colors and the textures were changing gradually: telling us each of their characteristics. When you watch more, you are more charmed by their beauty of simplicity. Today, their combined effort and every bit of improvements have helped to fabricate a new world of ceramics.

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“Portrait in a Mirror”

During the Renaissance in Italy, self-portrait is called “Portrait in a Mirror”. This exhibition has 30 exhibits, altogether 30 mirrors, in which the artists are presenting their own selves through pigments and lines.

The Alchemist Mail Café
Shop G6, G/F, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, 1 Man Lam Road, Sha Tin

Mon|10:00 – 22:00
Wed – Sun|10:00 – 22:00

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