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Fantasy Land

21/6/2016 - 3/7/2016

Fantasy Land of Our Gallery Artists~take a snapshot

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Nanny Oi-yee – Exhibition for a Beginner

She is passionate. “If I cannot go to a class, I can do my painting on my bed. Painting needs simple things.” She is thrifty. “Will it be less expensive if laminating is used instead of frames?” She loves being in a crowd. “Learning in a class makes me feel contented. To tell stories is [...]

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“Lisa Exhibition”

23.12.2015 – 07.02.2016

Dialog with Artist, LEUNG Hing-ling, LISA Interviewer = [I]        Artist = [A] [I] How are you Lisa? [A] Very fine. [I] Tell us more about the exhibition? [A] There are lots of paintings and ceramic works in my exhibition, I wish more people can come and visit. Art creation is enjoyable, and [...]

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“MAK Wai-hung Painting Exhibition”

15.09.2015 – 31.10.2015

“MAK Wai-hung Exhibition” “Exhibition wants for paintings” “I want need an exhibition” “Mak Wai-hung needs an exhibition” “Good from head to feet, what exhibition” From the Artist The artist did his experimental impromptu painting in 6 days. He is in full control of the ideas of his works, the curatorial direction and the 400-sqare feet [...]

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Hong Kong Picture – CHENG Ka-yan Paper-Cutting Collage Exhibition

27.06.2015 - 16.08.2015

Hong Kong Picture – CHENG Ka-yan Paper-Cutting Collage Exhibition Ka-yan’s way of working appears not having any deliberate planning. Each collage is made up with vocabularies of local colors and is created skillfully without a draft at the beginning. Every time, she just sits down, picks up her pen, scissors and glue, then a work [...]

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Grandpa Grandma Series: “Next Stop…the Blink Blink Place”

Since birth, we have been busy ourselves with planning for the next stop: going to a university, finding a job, getting married, and setting up a family… then until our later years: where will be our next stop at the end of our life? 84 year-old Granny Yuk-sim said, “In the Blink Blink Place, my [...]

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Classic is back

1/4/2015 - 31/5/2015

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Little By Little


little by little,
Shun Hong Chan
Soft Grey Watercolour Exhibition

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Our Paradise Lego Exhibition

24.2.2515 - 22.3.2015

Lego building is a good example of training that can help the people with different ability to develop their problem solving skills and creativity. They learn how to solve problems independently and work as a team when they try to build a Lego model from scratch. This is a very beneficial experience for their personal development.
The Lego exhibition, “Our Paradise”, was built by the team work of 23 creators with different ability. The master piece has been completed after 6 months of hard work, which shows the creativity and personality of each of the creators. We sincerely invite you to come and appreciate their work, and share the joy and experience in their “Paradise”!

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We are street people

08.11.2014 - 05.01.2015

Street people are transformed in different forms. We cordially invite you all to the exhibition. We are always the street people!

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