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Little By Little


little by little,
Shun Hong Chan
Soft Grey Watercolour Exhibition

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Our Paradise Lego Exhibition

24.2.2515 - 22.3.2015

Lego building is a good example of training that can help the people with different ability to develop their problem solving skills and creativity. They learn how to solve problems independently and work as a team when they try to build a Lego model from scratch. This is a very beneficial experience for their personal development.
The Lego exhibition, “Our Paradise”, was built by the team work of 23 creators with different ability. The master piece has been completed after 6 months of hard work, which shows the creativity and personality of each of the creators. We sincerely invite you to come and appreciate their work, and share the joy and experience in their “Paradise”!

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We are street people

08.11.2014 - 05.01.2015

Street people are transformed in different forms. We cordially invite you all to the exhibition. We are always the street people!

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Art Course (3-Year) Annual Showcase

19.09.2014 - 14.10.2014

Everybody has the inborn right to appreciate and create art. The focus should be on the power of the artworks and not on the intelligence or the physical abilities of the creators.

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07.05.2014 - 08.06.2014

Who said that eating looks can not be the theme for refined art pieces? This exhibition showcases a group of unconventional oldie buddies who painted their own eating looks: so good looking and so much fun.

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12.03.2014 - 4.05.2014

Wednesday, afternoon, sedimentation of time.
Every Wednesday, each one has one’s own favorite way, which may be rolling balls, or kneading sticks or pounding plates.

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The Colorful Art Dreams of Grannies

28.1.2014 - 9.3.2014

Being aged and visually impaired, as well as living in residential home, did create obstacles or opportunities?

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i-dArt Tour 2013

04.10.2013 – 03.11.2013 & 14.12.2013

i-dArt Tour 2013 gathers numbers of art and welfare organizations to promote alternative art forms, in order to give another layer of meaning to art and encourage our community to take better concern on people with different abilities.

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“Wrap Walker” Community Art Project

5.6.2013 - 4.8.2013

“Wrap Walker” is an activity through which to wrap and to beautify the rehab aid like folding walkers, wheelchairs and walking sticks etc, we invite community to break the coolness by “wrap”, this action.

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All Things Kaleidoscopic Installation Art Exhibition

07.08.2013 – 29.09.2013

It is a diversified world with commonalities.
During these 6 months, a group of friends break through the ‘give’ and ‘take’ relationship among ‘volunteers’ and ‘service users’.

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