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“Joy and Hope” Solo Exhibition – by Chan Tung Mui

3/1/2012 – 26/2/2012

The two little toes draw brilliant colors,
that bring joy and hope to every heart.

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Wisdom of Heart Art Exhibition

11/10/2011 – 31/12/2011

Have you ever felt the nature with heart? Paintbrushes are bouncing on canvas, the nature reappears and leads you to go into the imaginary world of nature.

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A little bit

21/9/2011 - 9/10/2011
Debbie pang, Connie Lam, Jessie Lam, Katrina Lam, Richard Yeung, Kris Wong, Shirley Wong,
Sally Or, Mandy Chan, Esther Yim, Anita Chan, Reggae Siu, Leung Dik Chun

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Enjoying Pottery . Tasting Life

3.8.2011 – 18.9.2011

Life is full of sweetness and bitterness…
Through pottery, we indulge in reminiscence,

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The Joy of Saori Weaving Exhibition

1.6.2011 – 31.7.2011

SAORI weavers, being visually impaired, mentally or physically disabled – have made tremendous efforts in overcoming their impediments to create and weave their own SAORI designs. They have hand-crafted beautiful fabrics of vivid colours and lights.

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It’s a jolly dolly world

20/4/2011 - 29/5/2011

Two distinct groups of people, who used to be total strangers, invite one another to their own homes and chat about their own lives.

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Reminiscing• Story • Life remindful photo exhibition

19/3/2011 - 17/4/2011

Everyone stars in the play of his or her life;
despite everyone’s plots are different.

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“The Hands of Purpose: My Choice”-calligraphy exhibition

08/02/2011 - 13/3/2011

About “Hands of Purpose: My Choice”-calligraphy exhibition:
All the members had attended Chinese calligraphy classes for more than a year; the original purpose of organizing this class is to train their fine motor and muscle control of upper limbs.

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Salute to Nature-Harvest

8/12/2010 - 6/2/2011

Ancestors gain wisdom through fishing, hunting and farming. Then develop technology, hoping that there will be harmony and peace in place of discord and war.

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Salute To Nature

8/12/2010 - 6/2/2011

The high waterfall flows to become a long river,
Along it blossoms greenery & an abundance of wildlife.

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