Photographing and Painting – Birds


Photographing and Painting – Birds
Birds “fly” into David’s camera while he is travelling around the world, and they gently landed on Gigi’s drawing paper at the studio. David and Gigi with different art media at different spaces are connected by birds, the same theme of their artworks. This now brings about their collaboration. He enthralls to taking photographs. With the lens, he captures a variety of postures of the birds. Through the lens, she can see further. She immerses herself in painting. She re-presents his works vividly with her clever thoughts.

“Photographing and Painting – Birds” showcases the fruits of this two-year collaboration. Through birds, a space of photographing and painting is created.

David’s thought
“I am fortunate to be able to work with i-dArt, TWGHs and a veteran senior artist. This exhibition can be successfully held is for the concerted efforts of the staff of the Complex. The photographs I took are average but the paintings of Gigi are fascinating. I hope that the exhibition will be successful, and many people will come to pay a visit to support the artworks. Thank you! ”

About David
“I didn’t receive much formal education, and without artistic talents, just a woodcrafter.”
He had been the Supervising Instructor for the trade tests for Joiner of the Construction Industry Council for 20 years till 1991 when he retired from the Council. Then he took up the part time role at the Council and retired from his work life in 2014. He loves travel and photographing, particularly on wildlife. Since 1989, David has been a volunteer, mainly serving at Crossroads Foundation for the maintenance and construction. In addition, he went to mainland China and overseas with students of several universities in Hong Kong for wood work related volunteer service.

Gigi’s thought
By chance, David and I met at the studio. I was grateful to be invited by this bird lover for collaboration. It has always been a challenge to me, as his photographs are very valuable. Although my health condition has reduced the efficiency of drawing, I continue to create with a strong sense of will in order to present the birds and features in the work. Over two years, we have achieved great results, and through this exhibition, we welcome your views.

About Gigi
The elder sister of MOK Wai-chee, Gigi, is a Chinese painter. Gigi was fascinated by her sister’s art and wished to follow her steps. Her sister had once been her teacher. However, her dream could not come true because of the war. When she becomes a senior, her health and visibility are getting worse and she is required to stay in a care and attention home for visually impaired elderly. Unexpectedly, she has her second chance to have her dream as a painter come true.

Gigi is a perfectionist; she practices painting and calligraphy all the times. She has high demand for the setting when she paints. Owing to her keenness on details, she will practise a painting several times until she is satisfied.

In love with birds, Gigi longs for the free and unconstrained life of birds. During leisure time, she used to wander around the center and observe the walking posture of sparrows and pigeons. Since the final year of art course(3-year), she began the study of drawing birds with colored pencil. For the next stage, she would like to further develop the technique of using watercolor and finish a new bird series to continue the exploration of painting.

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