Music Festival: Musician x Dancers x i-dArt

Hello to everyone! This year, our friend, Japanese musician Makoto Nomura and his team collaborated with different countries and regions to present “International Online Festival of Pun-filled Music”, it started from 1010hrs – 2020hrs on Oct 31, 2020, Japan and Hong Kong’s artists have met again. We improvised music piece on the Zoom line! Japanese musician Makoto san, Shin san, Japanese artists + Ka Yan,  Kai Kit, and Maxica from HK i-dArt jammed on “Oolong tea Cha-Cha-Cha”.

The process is very interesting, makes life beautiful. We enjoyed it and hope you will enjoy it too.

If you are interested in reviewing our music piece, please click the link https://youtu.be/Ki283Kcyndo (Hong Kong music piece 56:14-1:29:12). Thank you for watching!

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