“Flying Cards, Flying Arts” Postcard Project

As one of the featured events of the International Conference on Art Development for the People with Intellectual Disabilities  cum Carnival (Apr 11-13, 2019), we are glad to invite you and art lovers with different abilities to join the “Flying Cards, Flying Arts” Postcard Project: International Collaboration of Art Lovers with Different Abilities.

Art lovers from different rehabilitation or art organizations from all over the world are invited to an exciting collaboration of artistic creation. In the Project, the postcards are created in pairs by the participants in different cities. They take turn to complete a postcard by mailing to the other the created half.

Whom will you work with? How will the finished postcard look like? The unpredictable creation is an adventure of surprise, and also global communication by art!

If you are interested, please send the following information to: i-dart@tungwah.org.hk

1) Name of organization

2) Mailing address of organization

3) Number of participants

4) Contact person

5) Email address
Don’t miss this opportunity! We are looking forward to your participation!

Please click here for the detail: https://goo.gl/4ZC8yo

Download the reply slip: http://i-dart.tungwahcsd.org/download/?lang=en