LEUNG Iat-hong

“I like painting, like red, like green. Clay-making is fun. Clay is very soft.”

Those overlapping colored lines reveals the number of times which Iat-hong has travelled on a particular line clearly. No matter how densely these small and bits of lines are placed, they are distinct enough to show where Iat-hong‘s strokes were set.

Iat-hong’s learning abilities are very high. He is patient and loves trying new things. He does not only enjoy dancing and performing, but also creating artwork. Normally, Iat-hong is very talkative, however he becomes very quiet and attentive whenever he does his artwork, a number of colorful and meticulous art pieces are then created.

If a conversation has traces and colors, then we can see how Iat-hong is doing his best to find his unique way to mark the traces of his living.


Graduated at i-dArt Art Course (3-Year)


Artwork selected in Big-I Art Project 2016


Art Exchange Tour at Japan


LEUNG Iat-hong’s permanent exhibition at International Funeral Parlour


Asia Contemporary Art Show 2015


Asia Contemporary Art Show

LEUNG Iat-hong's works

Basic Skill at Chinese Landscape Painting

Acrylic on paper,35cmX33cm

A Peafowl Having Breakfast

Ink on paper,47cmX47cm

A Tiger is Hunting

Ink on paper,47cmX47cm


Acrylic on paper,30cmX42cm


Ink on paper,70cmX34cm

Birds are Enjoying Dinner in Garden

Ink on paper,35cmX35cm

Crossing the Habour

Ink on paper,70cmX34cm

Squid-like Flower

Ink on paper,35cmX34cm