MOK Wai-chee

“Once you have set your goal, you need to work relentlessly towards it, and not give up halfway until it is finally proven to be impossible.”

The sister of MOK Wai-chee, Gigi, is a Chinese painter. Gigi was fascinated by her sister’s art and wished to follow her steps. However, since she was a child born in wartime, her wish did not come true until she became elderly. Due to her worsening health condition and visual impairment, Gigi now lives in Care and Attention Home for Visually Impaired Elderly, a place where she finds her dream comes true.

Gigi is a perfectionist, she practices painting and calligraphy all the times. She, who is visually impaired, sets certain requirements for the environment when she draws, such as moving her tables to the light sources and placing the object on a pale colored paper, in order to create the best lighting effect before she draws. Also, she has a keen desire in the pursuit of detail. She can point out the insufficiency of each piece of her creations although all of us are not able to identify their differences. Over the years, she has been re-doing every piece of her works many times until she is fully satisfied with the piece.


Cross All Borders: Hong Kong Festival Showcasing New Visual Artists with Disabilities 2016—Open Division Merit Prize


Graduated at i-dArt Art Course (3-Year)


Artwork selected for Big-i Art Project 2016


“Spring and Summer” Solo Exhibition at iBakery Gallery Café, Tamar Park, Admiralty


Asia Contemporary Art Show 2015


Beijing Art Tour


Artworks were sold in Charity Auction for “I’mperfect” Art Development Programme for Artists with Disabilities


Joined the Inclusive Art Hub of TWGHs JCRC

MOK Wai-chee's works

Ethnic Lady

Ink on paper,35cmX70cm

Squeaking Birds

Ink on paper,35cmX35cm

Fu On Revisit to Red Cliff (by SU Shi)



Acrylic on canvas,38cmX28cm

A Pond of Lotus

Ink on paper,34cmX35cm

Still Life Drawing

Pencil on paper,38cmX29cm


Water colour on paper,34cmX35cm


Water colour on paper,35cmX70cm


Colour pencil on paper,30cmX42cm