Workshops of “Victoria City”

A total of seven workshops and one sharing session were held during exhibition to enhance the interaction among the participants in order to raise their awareness of the theme and to do more exchanges in relation to the messages of accessibility of road, of body and of mind.

The workshops consist of three elements: guided tours, community experience and art creation. The general public, community groups and art groups were invited, so that the message of accessible arts and literature can be spread out to arouse people’s awareness of a barrier-free society and cause them to think more about it.

Guided Tour

The two artists, Wong Kin-hang and Lok Yeung-ming, first shared their thoughts on the theme of accessibility with the public through poetry, illustrations and tactile arts. They then travelled to Kennedy Town to discover and explore the locations and the environment of the places mentioned in the poem of “Victoria City”. They reflected together the Road of Accessibility in the community.

Community Experiences

Participants in the workshops used a variety of walking aids to wander around Kennedy Town to experience personally the daily lives of people with disabilities, in order that they would better understand the problems faced by people with disabilities and would think about the road conditions in the community.

Art and Literature Creation

Workshop instructors guided the participants to travel around Kennedy Town. Afterwards, the participants would express their feelings in various art forms, such as poems, paintings or handicrafts. We hoped that through art creations, the participants would make an introspection on the Road of Accessibility for roads, body and mind. Their works were displayed during the exhibition in order to arouse public awareness of a “barrier-free society”.