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“Above the Plane” CHAN Sze-man Vicky’s Solo Exhibition


Vicky is good at using lines boldly with interesting appearances and clear composition. How does she explore more? Through the 3-year-art course and free creation, Vicky has learned to observe, think and adjust, to study how dots, lines and planes work.
Now she creates a new way of using acrylic color even above the planes, like mounting patterns in her previous bakery job. The works are no longer flat, as her strong personality. She gets into her own world to relieve her emotions during squeezing out the color.

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The Daisy Fairy and the Bear Exhibition Goes On


The journey of the Daisy Fairy and the Bear at the Arts Centre has come to an end. The fireflies flew over the busy Wan Chai, and slipped into our gallery at the beginning of the year……
The “The Daisy Fairy and the Bear: From the Beach to Wondeer” exhibition in the Hong Kong Arts Centre has finished. It is now staged in the i-dArt Kitty WOO Gallery until 31 Jan. Come and visit us~

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“Daisy Fairy and the Bear: From the Beach to Wondeer” Exhibition


Thanks Hong Kong Arts Centre for inviting i-dArt to participate in the creation project of the illustration book “Daisy Fairy and the Bear: From the Beach to Wondeer”. This is a fairy tale about the co-existence between human beings, animals and nature. All six participating artists have their unique background, style and are passionate in creating. We hope the interpretation of this beautiful story by artists with different abilities, may allow the public to know and see their inner world, appreciate their artistic talents, as well as promote social inclusion.

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Exhibition:Abstract World

Everyone has their own fantasy world, our artist Chan Cheong Yip is no exception. He loves to express it through colorful dots, lines and planes.
There are three windows in the site, each of them conveying his world of imagination. The exhibition is also decorated with SAORI wreath in Christmas theme. Let’s enjoy the festive atmosphere here~

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Exhibition︰Wah Gor’s Abstract World

This exhibition displays Cheong-yip’s creation in different stages: attempting different medium, discovering the preference for drawing paper and marker, and creating collages with his previous artworks. The scattered lines and color fragments are turned into new possibilities under Cheong-yip’s transformation.

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Exhibition: Touch of Embroidery


Our dialogue begins with embroidery. One moment we talked about embroidery, but the next moment they took us to a trip down memory lane. The hustle of everyday life may hold us back from seeing or hearing things that are actually around us. We now invite you to wear the special eyeglasses to “feel” the trace of their embroideries with the sense of touch and hearing.

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Exhibition: Cover Magazine

“Hidden beneath the fetish desire as seen in Pop Art works…Chan Hip-yan‘s works are a kind of magic that creates an extraordinary world using ready-made images and daily motifs.” – Commentary by the Jury Members of the Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS.With the original creation method, Hip-yan used to cover or recreate the magazine pages with oil pastel. An atmosphere of mystery and unsettlement is created by the dense lines and rough texture. In this exhibition, you will see how she reinterpreted the ordinary images with colors. While social activities should be reduced, eating out is something that we can’t easily avoid. When you are around Admiralty, iBakery Gallery Café will be a good place to enjoy affordable lunch and art!

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Our Farewell Exhibition


Whenever planning an art exhibition, we design the content and presentation according to the uniqueness of individual artist, as to present the study method as well as the creation process of creator with different abilities.
“What about an exhibition about this art space?”

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Writing. Writing? Writing! Calligraphy Exhibition Part 2


The exhibition is held in two phases. The second part emphasizes self-expression. It is a showcase of painting as writing and writing as painting. It does not simply demonstrate the skills, but also attempts to explore further possibilities between paper and ink, and white and black.

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The Father Series Exhibition

The Father series by Cheuk-kwok is full of vitality. One day, he felt prompted and fished out all his drawings among these years. For each and every “father”, he added on nostrils and painted their eyeball in rainbow color. During these years, Cheuk-kwok has been focusing almost on one theme for his drawing. With the same composition, medium and artistic style, every “father” carries endless style of clothing. The image as well as imagination of father has been revealing through his drawing pens and constantly changing.

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