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Artists dancing

i-dArt Viva Dance Project

Class: 2021.6.15-2022.12.14


The project aims to provide well organized and constructed performing art trainings for people with intellectual disabilities (PWIDs), who have received years of dance training previously, showed passion and potentials in dance and performing arts, to empower and help develop their own performing art expression, as well as their artistic career.


SAORI Weaving

Saori Weaving Workshop

Since 2017 till now


The i-dArt SAORI weaving class was established in 2017. It was started with the project “Reweaving Grief” in collaboration with the University of Hong Kong, which implemented an innovative bereavement care approach introduced from Australia. Through reshaping the old clothes of the deceased and giving it a new meaning, the grief of the bereavement is transformed as well. The selected students of the weaving class learnt the SAORI skills and reweaved the grief into new items which was given back to the bereaved. The students formed the SAORI weaving class at the very first beginning.


After the collaborative project, the students have showed their passion and talent for SAORI weaving. Therefore, the class has continued until now. More interested students have been recruited into the class. It has accumulated both experienced students and new faces. By using pieces of clothes and the yarn rolls in students’ hands, beautiful artworks were weaved as the proof of their hard work and mental growth. Of course, there are always ups and downs in any journey, and the class holds no exceptions.

Ceramic doll by our artist

"Free Dimension" Ceramic class

"Free Dimension" Ceramic class was founded in 2012, we had to borrow a corner of another unit for class by then. 20 students from 6 different units were busy learning new things. After several years of migration, we finally settled down on our own. In the pottery room, the journey is so beautiful, interesting and impressive; it reminds people of nomads, living while singing and living, enjoying and creating and joyful.


In the years when things change and stars change, we have not seen the reduction of the creative motivation of each one. Perhaps the changes have also added to everyone’s sense of life. With a fountain, inspiration won’t stop; and the relationship between each other has also been established. , Greet each other every time we meet, observe others in the class, the tacit understanding has also improved a lot.


The dexterous hands, the silent mind, the mud in the hands, slowly changing, the color and texture all tell the characteristics of each person, the simple beauty engraved on each work makes people more and more fascinated. To this day, everyone is thinking about meeting each week, creating and enjoying the fruits of their hard work.