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Kafai's 100,000 WHYS Exhibition

1/11/2022 - 31/1/2023

When we were children, we learned about the world and life from encyclopedias. Is the spirit of asking questions and searching for roots of everything around us still there when we grow up? Do we lose our curiosity about the world because of practical considerations? Would you feel strange to ask questions for some reasons?


/ Asking and answering questions is a conversation about self-exploration. /


You are invited to explore Kai-fai’s world through the real-time questioning and answering process. We will get to know the things that he cares about and discover how he creates his unique works based on his own experience. The answers to the questions may not be primary, but it is important to face the question you really want to ask, think freely, listen to your feelings and thoughts, and explore life wholeheartedly!