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Leong Iat-hong

Leong Iat-hong

"I like painting, like red, like green. Clay-making is fun. Clay is very soft."


Those overlapping colour lines reveal the number of times which Iat-hong has travelled on a particular line clearly. No matter how densely these small and bits of lines are placed, they are distinct enough to show where Iat-hong‘s strokes were set.


Iat-hong's learning abilities are very high. He is patient and loves trying new things. He does not only enjoy dancing and performing, but also creating artworks. Normally, Iat-hong likes raising questions.  However, he becomes very quiet and attentive when he does his creation, a number of colourful and meticulous art pieces are then created.


If a conversation has traces and colours, then we can see how Iat-hong is doing his best to find his unique way to mark the traces of his living.


Lat Hong’s works are characterised with layers of short and repeated lines approaching from different directions to constitute the composition of the paintings. However densely placed, one can still easily trace how many times Lat Hong has been travelling on a line. His painting style is no different from his love for conversation. If a conversation has colours and traces, then one can see how much effort he has made to ‘paint’ the traces of his life in his unique way.


藝術經驗 Art Experience


亞洲當代藝術展 2014

Asia Contemporary Art Show



Asia Contemporary Art Show 2015



Art Exchange Tour in Japan


入選日本Big-i Art Project 2016

Artwork selected in Big-I Art Project 2016


畢業於「愛不同藝術 藝術課程 (三年)」

Graduated at i-dArt Art Course (3-Year)



Asian Contemporary Art Show 2017



Artwork selected in Big-I Art Project 2017



i-dArt-in-Residence cum Exhibition




LEONG Iat-hong’s Artworks – Non-stop Stacking and Chattering at i-dArt, Kennedy Town


香港藝術中心「藝遊維港」- 愛不同創作工作坊 藝術家


Featured Artist at i-dArt Creative Workshop of Harbour Arts Sculpture Park project by The Hong Kong Arts Centre





Artwork winning art prize in etnet SoIN Art Inclusion Competition


Artwork selected for the design of postcard by Hotel 181


Illustrated the column story of Sunday Mingpao


Artwork 'Tram' was awarded the Adjudicators’ Recommendation Award in Cross All Boarders 2022 orgaized by Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong