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CHENG Ka-yan

CHENG Ka-yan

Ka-yan is lively and cheerful.  She loves sports, singing and dancing.  For painting, her favorite themes are words from advertisement, portraits of historical figures or characters from legends as well as buddhas.


In her early-stage painting, she was unable to keep the scale of the objects in a work.  Quite often, she would find no more space available to complete all the images in the end.  Thus, many of her earlier paintings were out of proportion.  After a year’s practice, she had significant improvement in applying the technique of proportion, and the faces of the portraits became more consistent. Her paintings were more colourful because she has become more skillful in both color selection and mixing.  Objects painted by her, no matter they are figures, articles and things or landscapes all carry a flavor of childlike innocence. The brush strokes of her works are simple and smooth while colors are bright and pleasant. They are very pleasing when you watch them.


Ka-yan also does another creation: paper-cutting. In fact, she has been doing calligraphy on paper scraps for some time. The words she writes are all about her daily living or the impressive terms she heard from the television programs. She keeps piles of these terms in her mind. She cuts the terms out from paper and presents them before us in rich and bright colors. What we see, in fact, is the memory of an era of Hong Kong.


Art Experience



Asia Contemporary Art Show 2014


藝聚雙城 香港X 洛杉磯聯展

Trans Pacific Ties Bridging Hong Kong and Los Angeles Through Art



Asia Contemporary Art Show 2014



Artwork selected in Big-I Art Project 2015


香港風情畫 – 鄭嘉恩剪紙展

Hong Kong Picture - CHENG Ka-yan Paper Art Collage Exhibition


入選加拿大SPARK Festival

Artwork selected in SPARK Festival



Artwork selected in Big-I Art Project 2016



Art Exchange Tour in Japan


畢業於「愛不同藝術 藝術課程 (三年)」

Graduated at i-dArt Art Course (3-Year)



Collaboration with local artist Karena LAM on a limited book set



Participated in International Exhibition for Disabled People, Wuhan, CHINA 


亞洲當代藝術展 2017

Asian Contemporary Art Show 2017



Artwork selected in Big-I Art Project 2017