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KEUNG Wai-kai

Keung Wai Kai has been loving drawing since childhood.  He learnt drawing and calligraphy on his own. At high school, he studied drawing at a private art studio.  Since he moves into the Rehabilitation Complex, he often volunteers to do illustrations for the publications of the Complex and to create designs for various souvenirs.  He likes to serve the community through his art capacity. At the same time, he actively participates different types of painting events……


Ah-kai’s favorite themes on painting are people and landscapes around him. He excels in painting portraits in watercolor.  He also practises other art media, such as acrylic, collage, pasters and sketching, to fully develop his art creations. He has spent a period of time to develop his ink painting techniques.  For his good sense of coloring, his creations have a flavor of contemporary sense, being more in detail as conveyed by both east and west elements.


Wai-kai suffers from muscular dystrophy and the functional ability of his hands is degenerating in recent years. He continues his creation with computer to make illustrations.


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