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吳芷妮NG Chi-ni re

NG Chi-ni

“NG Chi-ni paints dolls, people and ice-cream.”


Each of Chi-ni’s lines in her writing and painting is rich and smooth. When you are appreciating her works, you may do what Chi-ni does: let your fingers follow her lines to do painting in the air. You will feel the rhythm of dancing, pleasant and relaxing, as well as joyful. In addition to lines, the objects painted are excellently and uniquely represented. She never makes any amendment to any brush stroke she makes. Space and lines are beautifully balanced and symmetrical. It seems that all the components are already organized in her mind.


Chi-ni holds steadfast in the subjects of her paintings. They are her family members, various kinds of food, characters of TV animated series Sailor Moon and festivals.  At leisure, she will also draw pictures in the air with her fingers.  All her creations are already stored in her mind.  When she starts a painting, she will leave only after she finishes her it, really insisting.









藝術經驗 Art Experience



Asia Contemporary Art Show 2015



Artwork selected in Big-I Art Project 2015


畢業於「愛不同藝術 藝術課程 (三年)」

Graduated at i-dArt Art Course (3-Year)



Asian Contemporary Art Show 2017



Artwork selected in Big-I Art Project 2017



Invited artist for Da Xi Di art exhibition at Taipei