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WONG Sau-lan

WONG Sau-lan

Surrealistic Observer
“Observation beyond the reality mixing with unlimited imagination forms a new world.”


Sau-lan’s painting skills became more mature as a result of the nurturing throughout these 4 years.  At first, she only wrote words she loved on her practicing works. Later, when she started her training on the thematic paintings, her potentials was discovered and style was developed. The deformed portrait has a weird appearance and the subtle facial expression reveals a strange feeling, showing her anxiety. The short lines as well as the unimaginable colour mix carry an atmosphere of tension and anxiety in the paintings. For this reason, painting can let her put down her anxiety on the drawing paper and keep her in peace.


藝術經驗 Art Experience



Artwork selected in Big-I Art Project 2017


「愛不同藝術 第二屆 藝術課程 (四年) 年度展」於 牛棚藝術村

i-dArt The 2nd Art Course (4-Year) Annual Show @ Cattle Depot Artist Village


畢業於「愛不同藝術 第二屆藝術課程 (四年)」

Graduated at i-dArt 2nd Art Course (4-Year)


Artwork 'The Companionship' was awarded the Best Creativity Award in Cross All Boarders 2022 orgaized by Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong