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CHEUNG Ka-cheung

CHEUNG Ka-cheung

“I love to paint, to write calligraphy, to express my happy feeling.”


Cheung Ka Cheung was a table tennis player when he was young and represented Hong Kong at the 1988 Seoul Summer Paralympic Games. He turned to drawing, which is not as physically demanding as playing sports, due to functional deterioration in his lower limbs.


Ka-Cheung, since childhood, has not been an eloquent speaker.  However, his paintings are full of messages.  He is imaginative and has numerous strange and funny ideas.  He even adds many personal touches to his paintings, so to make each piece of his works unique.  Same for writing calligraphy, he never just copy from the master works.  Sometimes, he will re-arrange the word order or add some images to his works.  It is easy to note that Ka-cheung tends to use dry brush to express the overall impression of his ink paintings.  Most of his fellow painters pursue the fineness of the details, but he uses crude dry brush to outline the form, before blending it with soft and warm colors, demonstrating a very unique painting style.  At the same time, he tried new techniques with his utmost efforts to construct his very own perspective.  The expressiveness of his painted lines is in particular outstanding.


Although Ka-cheung can only move around within the Complex, his inspirations are endless.   He drives his private car (the electrical wheelchair) and travels every corner of the Complex to search for the traces of the birds.  He uses the eyes of the birds to explore the outside world.  He uses his pencil to paint many stories of the birds.


He held firm to the end to the goal he has set. The traces left on the paper have shown us each time how he painstakingly endeavored to control the muscle of his hand to lay down each and every stroke, in order to complete a piece of artwork after the hard work of several months.  However, each of these works brings to him incomparable joy, sense of success and self-confidence.


He has a wish to improve his skills so that one day he will become an art teacher to teach children to paint so that more people will share the joy of painting.


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